Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics In 2019

In today’s modern world, digital marketing is paramount for any business no matter its industry or size. Success in the business landscape can only be achieved if the right pair of eyes sees your brand and makes a purchase. An effective marketing strategy is the best way to grow your business and make it famous because it helps you build your audience, reach out to it and convince it that your business sells the best products or services.
Yet, not only that in today’s competitive business landscape, you need to make sure that your business has a strong online presence but consumers expect you to. Nowadays, most consumers rely on their peers’ online reviews and feedback when making their purchase decisions.Moreover, since everybody has a smartphone with an internet connection these days, consumers expect businesses to connect with them in the online world

1. Visual Content Marketing

The power of visualization in marketing is unimaginable if used correctly. Visual content plays a huge role in social media marketing strategies nowadays because it engages the audience and effectively transmits the message of your brand within seconds. Numerous studies have concluded that most people are visual learners which makes visual content an indispensable part of any marketing strategy. While words can be complex, imprecise, and interpretable, visualization helps our brain retain and remember information 60.000 times faster than reading or hearing does.
Promoting your brand with visuals in the online world can play a huge role in engaging your audience and increasing your sales. Just like a song, an image can connect the audience to a moment, message or experience in just a flash. Since visual content is a very effective attention-grabbing tool, and with the power of social media on the rise, visual content is the new king for marketing your brand. The most common types of visual content which can help you take your marketing strategy to the next level include:
  • Images
  • Tutorials
  • Videos
  • Gifs
  • Infographics
  • Screenshots

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you understand the power of the so-called Influencers in today’s media, you already know exactly why affiliate marketing is a top effective marketing strategy in 2019.  The concept of affiliate marketing is pretty simple to understand because it functions as a win-win partnership between brands and their affiliate partners. While the brand gets its products or services promoted which ultimately leads to improved high-quality traffic and sales to their websites, its affiliate partners receive a commission for helping them sell their products.
The affiliates are known as publishers who write or publish content that promotes and recommends the products or services of a certain brand to their audience. The most common affiliates are influencers, bloggers, social media websites, or marketers who use their email lists to send newsletters that include links to the brand’s products.
Affiliate marketing is gaining momentum among today’s marketers because it is a partnership that benefits all the parties involved. You can either contact people who might be interested in promoting your brand or use affiliate networks to connect with affiliate partners.

3. Content Marketing

Nowadays, content marketing can play a huge role in a brand’s success as long as it is high-quality content and can solve the pain points of the consumers. Content marketing is usually integrated into a broader marketing strategy which often blends visuals and many other tactics.
With the rising power of blogging in today’s internet, content marketing is a must for any effective strategy. It is more than just creating texts and sharing content in order to engage the audience, drive traffic and increase sales. The experts from explain that “Content marketing needs to have a more realistic approach because simply creating content doesn’t necessarily mean building an audience.
Your content must be relevant, valuable, and offer a solution to the viewer’s or reader’s problems. Otherwise, it won’t have the capability to grab the audience’s attention. When creating content for your marketing strategy, you must consider the following aspects:
  • Who you create content for?
  • What is the problem it is going to solve for your audience?
  • How can your content be unique?
  • What types of content you want to create?

4. Social Media Marketing

Everybody uses social media nowadays, whether it is for communication, fun, or to connect with businesses. Thus, it comes as no surprise that social media marketing is a top effective marketing strategy. All businesses today, no matter their industry or size can be found on social media platforms.
Social media platforms are nowadays the most famous channels for businesses to promote their products and services for many good reasons. Not only that social media platforms are rapidly growing in popularity and have now become the focal point of our lives, but it also offers the opportunity to reach a large and international audience.
Social media marketing is the perfect way to reach a large audience and increase brand awareness because the content on social media platforms are extremely shareable and usually engage a lot of users. Another advantage of using social media marketing is the fact that you can choose your target audience in terms of gender, location or other certain preferences.

5. Personalization

Personalization is certainly one of the top vital elements of an effective marketing strategy. Today’s consumers are being bombarded with disrupted ads and promotional content from thousands of businesses. Yet, they don’t feel engaged to change their purchasing decision towards a brand they see in an ad. Why is that? Simply because they don’t feel valued by that certain brand.
When you are personalizing your marketing campaign, your chances to achieve your business goals are definitely higher. Even small personalized elements tend to have a huge influence on the consumers’ purchase decision. For example, in your email marketing campaign, if you want to build customer loyalty and engage new customers, make sure you address them by their names. Personalization is a very powerful tool because it makes the consumers feel valued by your brand and creates a deeper relationship with them.