Easiest way to get adsense approved within 24hours

Many people come to the blogosphere to making money from Adsense.
I am also one of them. 

When I am initially started blogging. I have one and only goal ”how to get Adsense approval” and make money from it. Actually, Get Adsense approval is still very easy.But I know many people don’t get Adsense approval in his beginning stage. 

There is many more reason for Adsense disapprove your request. After that many people decided to buy Adsense account from other websites. Believe me, that’s one of the biggest mistakes. If Adsense disapproves you then you have to resolve that issues that Google mention.
If you don’t resolve those issues and buy Adsense from other Site then definitely your buying account will be disapproved after some days. So trust me don’t do that mistake. Because Adsense Account is totally free for Everyone, you don’t need to buy it.

 Here I am going to guide you on “How to get Adsense approval” in step by step format. Just you have to follow and Implement those rule and you will definitely get Adsense approval Easily. So without any Ado let’s jump into the Topic…

How to get Adsense approval{quick tips}

How to get adsense approval

In this quick step by step guide, I give 12 personal tips that really work for me to get Adsense approval.
So, read or noted mindfully all these tips…

1)Make Domain Specific E-mail address.


2)Add some legal pages on your site. 

              Legal pages means Aboutus, Privacy policy and Contact us pages. You have to create all those pages that are really important for getting Adsense approval and also getting visitors trust.

 Through about page, a visitor knows about the website owner and by the privacy policy page a user know which type of service your site provides and through contact us page a user can contact with you through Mail, phone or any medium.

 If your site contains all those legal pages then Google understands you are much more serious about for your Website. 

Then Google Adsense consider you to give his Ad service and create a partnership with you. So make sure to make those pages first then Go for Adsense.

3)Write unique Content on your website. 

Yes, you have to make content by yourself with your own intelligence.

 Google hate plagiarized or completely copy paste content. You can follow or get knowledge from other content but you have to write your article by own words. Then Google understands you create genuine content for online visitors.

 After that Google believes the site & the site owner is trusted and then Google consider you to give his Adsense service. 

4)Don’t Write any Violation content. 

Violation content means those contents are not helpful for anybody or create bad effects on society & culture. 

Some example of Violation content like Porn content, Murder or killing type content and Guns, and alcohol-related content. If you produce the above type of content on your website then Google never provides his Ad network for your Site. 

Because Google doesn’t promote any Irrelevant and Violated content. So make sure to produce some helpful and informational contents for your users, then Google approves you.

 5)Published more than 15 high-quality blog post. 

Article amount does not matter most but sometimes Google considers it. I am also going for Adsense after publishing 19 high-quality original articles.

 Try to write more than 1000 words in a post that’s why Google know your site Niche. So I recommend you to write at least 15 Good quality blog post then go for Adsense approval. Let’s come to our next step.

 6)Don’t use any other Ad network. 

When you going to apply for Adsense then don’t use any other Ad networks Ads and also don’t use any affiliate links on your site.

 Sometimes Google hates other Ad networks advertisement and affiliate links. Also, disapprove those site request. When you going for Adsense then make sure to remove those Ads and links for some time.

 But you can use other 3rd part Ad networks and affiliate links after approved by Adsense.


7)Wait for 2 months at least. 

sometimes google gives more prioritize to old Domain Names. At first, Google only approved more than 6months old website but now that policy is completely changed. Now Google also approved new Domains.

 But in my recommendation apply for Adsense after 1 to 2 months then Your approval chance is increased. 

8)Use High-level Domain.

 It is also a factor to get Adsense approval. High-level domains are “.com, .us, .uk, .in, .org, .net, .edu . Above are some high valued Domain name.

 If your site Consist of those Domain names then you will easily be approved by Adsense. Remember one thing don’t use any Free domain name like- ”your name+.tk” or ”your name +.wix”. 

9)Don’t use any copyright images. 

Ensure that you don’t use any copy paste/Copyright images in your website from Google. If you use those Images without any permission of that creator then you may get the copyright strike from that website.

 So try to use those images by simply edited it. But don’t use directly or You can use those images by Giving him link credit on your site.

 If you use copyright images then make sure to remove these photos from your site before going to get Adsense approval.

 10)Submit your Sitemap on Search consol. 

Hmm… After doing all of the things you have to submit your sitemap on Google search console. By submitting a sitemap, Google knows about your site and started crawling it.

 For submitting sitemap you have to use some plugins such as- Yoast, Google Sitemap generator or Rankmath SEO. 

But here I recommend you to use YOAST plugin for generating the sitemap. Click here to know how to submit WordPress sitemap. Click here to know how to submit Blogger sitemap.

 11)Don’t buy traffic from any other source. 

I highly recommend you to don’t buy Traffic from any other sites.

 Because some traffic is fake and generated by boats/robots and some traffic comes from unwanted sites like porn sites or any illegal site.

 If you really want to get Adsense approval then don’t do that mistake. Google always hate the unauthorized or Fake site. So make your site Authoritative and user-friendly. Always remember ” Google only loves you when everyone else loves you First” … 

So always Friendly with your user and provides them better user experience. Follow my secret 12 steps mindfully, I am sure you will get Adsense approval quickly and very easily. NOTE:-{Read the Adsense Privacy Policy}

 Google Adsense have own privacy policy so make sure to read those policies first then apply for Adsense. After getting Adsense approval you will get a message with one picture.

{check below}

Some Info on Adsense. ⇒After applying for Adsense, the team of Google takes at least 1week for reviewing your site. ⇒Adsense Give you money/Generated revenue when your Account balance reached 100$ mark. ⇒Google Adsense ad service work on a CPC basis. ⇒If you want Good CTR 

then use Ad between your Content and also use in the sidebar of your site. ⇒Adsense pays you good revenue if your site gets a good amount of traffic minimum 500 to 1000 genuine traffic per day. 

Adsense Publishers Policy: ->Encouraging others to Click on Ads. Don’t Encourage anyone to Click on your Google Ads that shows on your Blog. Google strictly says that, if any publishers get more invalid clicks then they disapprove that Account.

 ->Content Policy. If your Content Violates Adsense policy then you can’t place Ad codes on that Particular page. Some Example of violated Contents are Adults, shocking, Bad controversy and Murder or killing related Content. ->Copyrighted Content.

 Never Ever use copy past content on your site. If you are Using directly copy past content of other websites on your site and you also use Adsense code there then your Adsense Account may be disapproved. ->Sourse of your Traffic.

 You can’t place Google Ads if your site getting traffic from some Unwanted sources. Such Unwanted ways are paid to click programs, Display Ads, porn/Adult websites etc… ->Ad Placement. Publishers may not be placed Adsense ad code in inappropriate places of a website. Such Ad placement is Pop-ups, Emails or any kind of a Software.

 (Don’t put Ad codes there) ->Ad Code. Publishers have Right to edit Advertise codes but you have to ensure that, those changes may not affect the performance of the particular Ads and not harmful for Advertiser point of view. 

->Privacy policy. You need to disclose clearly any data/information collection, sharing, usage that take place on your website/blog. So make a privacy policy page and clearly mention everything there.

 Last Word on “How to Get Adsense Approval” Actually, get Adsense approval is very easy if you follow all theGoogle Guidelines smartly and thoroughly.

 In this Complete guide, I discuss almost every step for getting Adsense approval for your website. When you going to apply for Adsense then don’t be panic take some time and check your site again. 

Remember to check all the Adsense privacy policy because if you have done any silly mistake then Adsense disapproved your request.

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